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We continue our Jojo-cosplay creative work and of course part 5 boys are not an exclusion for us. I really love Bruno and think he's the coolest gangstar in Vento Aureo. Sometimes I even feel a little guilty for cosplaying him because he's... you know, to perfect. I'm happy we started doing VA from figures version cause in some way I like Bruno's black suit more than classic one. Making of these costumes was quite tough because we were really short of time but I guess we won over all difficulties!

In October 2018 me and my dear Bizarre Family Kaiten (Leone) and Jeremy (Bruno) performed at Oni no Yoru in Moscow in alternatively-colored Passione. It was our first time going on stage as ‘Bizarre Family’ trio - and I congratulate our darling son Jeremy with beginning of our creative work together!

And after that we improved our wigs, shoes and some costume details and performed at Animania in Nizhny Novgorod, now together with Kaiten with our beloved BruAbba.

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@Camui Tooru
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Series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Character Bruno Buccellati
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