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Another last minute tour de force of actual sewing, but a costume I was gathering supplies for and planning for 7 months!

A character I am surprised no one else to my knowledge has cosplayed yet because his design is AWESOME, and he's such a fun smarmy nerd!? I hope to see other finished Fabas! More love for the Branch Chief please.

I made the jacket and boots covers / pants entirely from scratch. The boot covers go over a pair of cowboy boots, and are fusible fleece reinforced and fully lined to give them structure and make them non see through. The jacket too is thickly lined so it is not see through. The collar is wired, and the gold parts are all backed in cotton / sewn / inverted / top stitched to be clean edged. The green glove covers were made from the cut off sleeves of the green turtleneck. The gloves themselves are nice matte vintage ones. The buttons are all cover buttons, same gold fabric as the rest so it matches.

Glasses are made using vaccuforming. I made a base shape from sculpey clay then vaccuformed pet-g plastic over it. I dyed them with idye poly. they are held on with a clear elastic strap around the back, and fishing line across the nose. I wanted them to float as much as possible like they do in the game. They are not on very tight or it would dig into my face, safety pins hold the back strap to the wig.

Wig is an Arda Marty in Titanium Blonde. I hope to do more sideburns next wearing! Goatee is crepe hair I applied right to my chin. Is strong enough that I can play with it. ;)


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Series Pokemon Sun and Moon
Character Faba


lithe-fider @scunosi - Thanks so much!! I hope to see more Wickes in the future myself, I cosplayed with my friend who was a Wicke, I forgot to upload a photo I should do that! (We only got one good photo together). Faba does need more love. He's a fun character! My "boots" are leggings that I made to go over my cowboy boots as thigh high boot covers. The clips I built into them attach to my shorts. The clips are "Mitten clips" (also called pacifier clips) you can get them on ebay in many colors for pretty cheap. They could be sewn onto anything really. They hold very strongly! You only need like two in the front or maybe on the front and side. On the back they like to pop off when you sit, as that part flexes very far. (I did put a clip on the back with a loose strap it is just for looks as it doesn't actually hold anything up).

Scunosi Oh man, as a Wicke cosplayer I love this so much and I'll admit I'm envious of your detailing! I wish my con had had a Faba at it! You look amazing! Might I ask what you're holding your boots up with? I was planning on getting garters for Wicke's second wear later this year but those don't look like any I've ever seen.