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La Corda d'oro



La Corda d'Oro is one of my all time favourite anime/manga! Probably because I'm a violinist/pianist and I love classical music, made me pretty damn biased towards this series! Not to mention huge shojo fan and well yeah, a cosplay from this series was a must!

I chose Kahoko because I much prefer the general uniforms and I play the violin better than piano so we had a costume! Plus I've always wanted to be a red head, simple as that!

The jacket was a pain in the arse. I cut out one back panel and then two panels for the front, the one on my left goes across my torso 3/4 and the one on my right goes across my torso 1/2 so they meet on one side. Where the two pieces meet, I've sewn them together at the top where the V neck is to keep it neat. I then sewed in darts along the back and down the front panels to make it more fitted and to make the seams accurate to the reference. The sleeves were then sewn on and I had my base!

Most of the grey bits are double layered and ironed to give a seamless look. For the sailor collar and cuffs, I stitched on the black detailing on one side before double layering it so that the seams would be on the inside, I then turned them inside out and sandwiched the layers over the black fabric so that you can't see any raw edges.

Then I had to make button holes for the jacket for one side where it joins. For the buttons I used self-cover buttons, for some reason these were hell for me to make but I got quicker as I went along.

I bought the school patch off eBay which is ironed on with stitching so that it lasts longer.

The skirt is just one long piece of rectangle and box pleated with a waistband to go over it.

Tie is three layers of red sheeting. Middle layer is the longest layer which you can see poking out of the tie, it's sandwiched between the shorter layers because for some reason they have weird ties but look cool. The top layer had the white ribbon stitched on before stitching everything together.

Socks I bought from Primark.
Shoes are old school shoes from Matalan. They're actually fairly new because when I bought them, I thought I'd go for a change but then I didn't like them but couldn't return them because they had been worn. But hey, it's perfect for Japanese school uniform cosplays like this! (Bought them before I was a cosplayer though ahaha!)

Wig had the fringe and bangs cut in, I decided to leave it long so that it was more versatile for other cosplays and because I generally don't like the layered look!!

Violin is my own, even my case is accurate, score!

And that's about it, this costume is one of those costumes that just makes me so incredibly happy to wear! Very comfy too, definitely one to rewear quite a few times, yippee!
One day I will get a full group with musicians, one day, just you wait xD!


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