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More pics of the legit assortment to come!

Version 1- Otakon 2011: I was very excited about the game and doing a Xillia group with friends. However, I tried making this around my 40hr. workload and ended up bringing my sewing machine to the con. We all stayed up until 4:30 the morning we were planning to wear these costumes working on them, but they did get done. At this time we were working off game screen shots as there were no "Character Works" books and images that had been released yet. Trying to navigate through environmental lighting and guess original colors was challenging for us.

Given that I had just enough time to finish the costume itself, I reused my Flamberge and used a generic pistol.

The wig was restyled from Yeager.

Version 2 - Otakon 2012: decided to rebuild it now that I had a copy of the Character Works book. I removed all the appliqués, the sleeves, and kept the brown moleskin jacket and lining and the white boot cover bases but completely redid the sleeves, all the appliqués, remade the scarf, made a white vest w/ buttons and not aquarium gems LOL, made the undershirt, gloves, and now his sword.

November 2012 update: Finished making the belt and buckle, fancy belt loops, and redid the boot bling [orange pieces] and the "barrel" part of the sword and gave it a fresh coat of paint. I am really happy with how these turned out!

All that I want to do is make the gun.


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Thearah This looks so nice! The details are superb~