Princess Garnet

Final Fantasy IX



This was literally my dream cosplay for over 10 years. Ever since I first turned on FFIX and saw Garnet's dress in the cutscene I KNEW I needed to have it.

Well, it only took 14 years but I finally got around to making it.

The bodice was originally made for a She Ra cosplay that I never finished. It has plastic boning (my first experience with it), a lace up back (also my first experience lol) and the green leaves are a trim that I stitched on by hand.

I made these at about 2am the night before the event. I kinda forgot about these and rushed them a bit. I didn't have a pattern so I just cut out the shape I thought would work for these and surprisingly it worked!

Over 4 meters of fabric.
No really, over 4m. It could double as a tent. Lol.

Over Skirt
Cut a bit too big *cryyyyy*. Sewed the trim on very slowly with my machine and it turned out ok I think.

Craft foam and hot glue~ Awww yeah.

Additional details were made from foam, chain, and drapery clips.

All in all it was a fun cosplay but I don't know if I ever want to wear it again lol. I definitely want to remake the bodice and some of the other pieces.


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Series Final Fantasy IX
Character Princess Garnet


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