Gamzee Makara


The pants were originally going to be my pants for Grand Highblood. I followed my normal sewing pattern when making them. I of course painted them to look like Highblood pants. And painted SuBjUgGlAtOr across the butt.

The jacket is some of the material I bought for making God Tier Kurloz, and the lining of it is the left over purple fabric from making a kimono for Izayoi. The Rage symbol on the back is hand embroidered and the smiley face is embroidery and beadwork.

Shirt was just one I'd bought for other things.

Wig is teased like hell.

My horns were made by my friend Nick, painted by me (they weren't finished for G-Anime though).

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Series Homestuck
Character Gamzee Makara
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