Tatterhood as Rem


Death Note

Cosplayer: Tatterhood
This cosplay was a bit of a disaster to make but in the end I'm happy with what it was (especially given that the final outfit was made in 2 and a half weeks!). I made a bodysuit, glued craft and upholstrey foam and backer rod to it, covered it with latex and repeated this method for the feet and hands. I also made my wig and face (chin and nose) prosthetic. I wore 7.5 inch platform heels, a cat-eye contact and white alcohol-based makeup. My friend went as Misa (she made her skirt and blouse which I don't think a lot of people realized!) and she was *fantastic* - both as a cosplayer and a handler (for helping me get around, sit down and stay hydrated). We trekked around as a Death Note duo on the Saturday at Anime Revolution. It was *a lot* of fun (but my feet were so sore from the giant heels I wore the previous day as Avatar Kyoshi!)

The making-of gallery is here: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/244195/