The Santa Clause



Costume: When I first made this costume, it was mostly just for fun, and I wanted to attempt something I was relatively certain no one had attempted before. I didn't think anyone would recognize it, but with how well-received Bernard was at Holiday Matsuri, I wish I could wear something like this year-round!

Construction: This is probably my first fully-homemade cosplay that I am really proud of. The shirt is from a typical pirate shirt pattern, with two backs sewn together instead of a back and a front. The stripes were sewn on before the shirt was put together--they were lined up parallel to the grainline arrows on the pattern. The hat is homemade too, it's a large circle with the bottom hemmed, and elastic inserted inside it. The bag is a typical messenger bag pattern, sans the fleece and interfacing inserts to make it floppy like the original one from the movie was. The necklace is mostly ornaments meant for the small bedroom and kitchen-sized christmas trees. The ribbon on the hat also has some embroidery I did myself, which I am particularly proud of.


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Series The Santa Clause
Character Bernard


ayaasan AWESOME! I love this costume :)

Starlit Rose Oh my goodness, you cosplayed this!! I've never seen someone dress as him before. That's awesome. I had such a crush on Bernard when I was a little kid hahaha. Love it!

HomeDepot I love this! Great work.

Blue Leader Dang, that cosplay turned out great. Nicely done!

ShinobuWind This cosplay is so cute!! You rock for cosplaying Bernard! ^_^