Japanimemusic as Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya

Rosario + Vampire

Cosplayer: Japanimemusic
I first saw Rosario + Vampire back in March and I immediately was intrigued by the anime. It was funny and had vampires, loveable characters; it was just great. And I knew instantly I wanted to cosplay Moka and now I am making that dream a reality.
I didn't really make anything for this cosplay, I've just been buying seperate clothing pieces and altering them. I bought the jacket at a thrift store for $14, the skirt I bough for $3, and I already had the socks and shoes. The necklace, wig, and having the jacket tailored were the most expensive things.
I am in the process of replacing the buttons and sewing the ribbon onto the jacket. And I need to fix the bangs a bit on the wig. And replace the beads on the necklace.