Ciel Phantomhive


This was a project I started in early 2010 and kept procrastinating over. I finally finished it June 2011 and am happy with the results.

Materials: Stretch twill, twill, cotton eyelet, bridal satin (roses), satin (pinstripes), grosgrain ribbon, felt, plastic canvas, bias tape, wire, ski goggle lens, felt, wire, cording, tassels, model magic + pvc + Crown Royal top for the cane.

I had to draft patterns for this since there was nothing quite like what he's wearing. Patterns were based off a generic blazer and shorts pattern. The only pieces I did not make were the boots and socks.

I did some historical referencing for this costume as this design was from the artwork and there were a few hints as to what the back of this costume looked like... and no I did not make the giant roses Ciel sits on, though that would be kind of awesome.

I also referenced military uniform guides about the aiguillettes (white decorative cording worn on the coat). It was a learning experience but one well worth it.

My secret to looking like there's a bustle pad is to use a "fanny pack". Yea, you know what I mean, one of those goofy bags you wear around your waist from the 90's. It's functional and adds poof.

I followed my favorite DA tutorial for making a top hat but tapered it out to look more Victorian style. The base is plastic canvas covered in felt. Trim is grosgrain ribbon, more pinstriped satin, and roses!

One of the more fun parts of this was working on the flowers for the hat and lapel. I used synthetic fabric, cut the general petal shape, melted the edges, gathered the fabric, and rolled them into roses. Melting things is fun, especially when not destructive!
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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Ciel Phantomhive

Mohrigan wow really nice!!!

xLiliumx3 You made this by yourself? Thats amazing~ ^^ Looks great :3

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