Miku Hatsune

Vocaloid 2



Based on STOMP THE ENEMY, Song by Satsuki ga Tenkomori and art by Macro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfFTXd-bWwY

All made by me. The visor was made with a combination of PVC sheet plastic, Styrene, and white sign plastic (purchased at TAP Plastics in Seattle. They are awesome!)

The lights are LEDs encased in the visor itself. They're in flexible strip form from superbrightleds.com.

Basically, I just made a pattern for the plastic parts by building the whole thing to scale to fit my head with posterboard. There was alot of trial and error involved, but it came together pretty well once the pattern was finalized. It would have been easier if I had more reliable tools for cutting the plastic, though. I was using an x-acto knife and a small hobby saw for all my cuts and it was a tremendous pain in the ass.

Still! It all came together in the end.


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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Miku Hatsune


HelloLuluChan I love this :) So pretty

~Lightning~ Awesome visor!!