Kos Mos

Xenosaga Episode III



finally, i have completed this cosplay. it took a lot of effort, stress, happiness, foam, work, foam, and sanding. i am so so proud of it though, and i think it really helped me as a cosplayer. i tried many new techniques with this cosplay, and learned a lot about what works, and even more about what doesn,t. although there are flaws, i am so proud and can't wait to get all the pictures up and share them with people:)

i remember first playingthi game, and having great memories with it, although i did get frustrated because although i love video games, i tend to not be the best at them. i fell in love with kos mos. plus who doesn't wanna be a cyborg with gorgeous blue hair ha ha

if you have any questions on constructionor or what not, pm me, cuz i am more then willing to answer questions.


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Series Xenosaga Episode III
Character Kos Mos


ArkAngel great work on the cosplay!