chenmeicai as Kotobuki Tsumugi (Mugi)

Kotobuki Tsumugi (Mugi)


Winter School Uniform

Cosplayer: chenmeicai

I've been hearing the series since last year but I never did try to watch it due to my uber-busy schedule. I managed to finish it only this year hehe. LOL. :p

I love watching short anime series ... since it fits my schedules hehehe ... and this one is rather short. I perfectly loved the cutesy ambiance and the lovable friendship that these girls had.

I've always wanted a "school girl" outfit cosplay; just that, I never pulled off one yet. I have watched several animes with school themes/uniforms, setting but I haven't decided which one to portray. I guess it brings back school memories, that's why. If ever I do study again, that would mean my Masters but I still won't be able to wear such uniforms hehe.

Favorite aspect:

Mugi is my favorite character. I believe I share some similar features and traits with her. Anyway, I only cosplay characters I have some resemblance with - physically and otherwise. (^_^)

I believe, though sometimes rather reserved, Tsumugi's well-refined but she has moments of fun and laughter too ... and she has a knack for pacifying her friends with sweets and tea time. :) I have similar inclinations.

Rich kiddo too (I am not rich though hehe - just rich with friends)! But she doesn't live up to her status. She's very humble. I really love her character! She has very simple goals. Fries with her food? Nice! Little things that can make her happy!

Plus, she plays the piano! I used to play an organ/keyboard too and that was ... well, many years back hahahah! :D I guess I could still play a few tunes though. T'was nice to meet another Mugi cosplayer (not her school uniform) with a keyboard props hehe. We posed together! Glad to have met more K-On lovers in the event too! :) Hopefully next time, I'll bring my own props (when I don't get lazy hahah) and play a tune or two. Hope I won't screw up when I play the keyboards again ... my tutorials were soooo way back ... years and years back!

I have to admit too, it's soooo not me to pose moe hahahahha. But I definitely tried my best and enjoyed it! My friends around laugh at me for trying a genre like this ho ho ho! Something new ei? Ain't it CUTE? LOL.

End results? Fun nendoroid shots! Yay! I love eeeet! I guess I really turned to be a nendoroid doll! Yay! Lovely!

Hardest task/aspect:

T'was sooo light actually; the feeling ain't troublesome. :p I don't have big weapons nor bulky costumes hehe. I didn't join the contest either; just walked around with my friend Markee as Lady Gaga (Telephone) as he struts his stuff everywhere and help him in his makeup retouch and costume malfunction (ooops!) booboos!

I was carrying my normal, daily bag as well which somehow resembles their schoolbags too hehe. Good resemblance! Yay! So it doesn't ruin the mood in the photos we took hehe.

But I guess what really was challenging to me ... t'was posing CUTESY / MOE / GIRLY, etc. Yay! Can you believe it? From mature to kiddo to girly ... I'll probably do mecha too! Crossplay is in the books too so watch out hehe. But MOE? Erm ... just not me haha!

Costume maker: Cargin's Dance Wear