Sword Art Online



Newbie baby Asuna!! Super comfy and easy. Originally constructed Summer 2015 and finished Spring 2016.

Shirt is a cotton knit, and the trim is actually two pieces of wide trim sewn together to make one double fold piece. The jacket and skirt are cotton twill, the armor is craft foam+worbla and has a nice suede lining, the boots are from Amazon, and the wig is from Arda. (Luthien, straightened, with wefts added for length/thickness)

The sword is mostly wood with plastic details. The pommel was originally two EZ-cheese caps and the guard was a plastic ornament with craft foam details. I covered everything in Worbla. Great opportunity to get rid of some scraps.


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Created 3 years ago
Series Sword Art Online
Character Asuna
Variant "Beater" / "Aria in the Starless Night"


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