Sleeping Beauty



While I wouldn't say Aurora is my "favorite", I *do* love pink, and I think her dress and look are just so classic and adorable. Out of the three main classics (Snow, Cindy, Aurora), she's my favorite =)

Most of the pink fabric were leftovers from my senior collection in college. I had to buy a few things, but mostly wanted to just try to use up old fabrics, and add something pink to my repertoire! It's been a while since I've done anything pink! (Like, since Anya Alstreim in 2011, lol)

That said, I was mostly inspired to make this because I hope one day my good friend Anya Braddock can model it! I think she's the perfect Aurora, and I really want to see her in this dress <3 Love ya, girl!


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Series Sleeping Beauty
Character Aurora
Variant Pink Princess Dress


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