Victorian Christmas Caroller




I made this for the Uxbridge Santa Clause Parade. The theme was Old Town Christmas.

Skirt – I found the material at Value Village. It was material to make a tablecloth, but made an excellent skirt in the style of a Lady’s round dress from about 1840 – 1850.

Bonnet – I made this from a tapestry place mat that I got at Value Village. Basted along one end and cinched it down then added lace ties. Super simple.

Muff – This, I made from a quilted table runner I found at… Value Village. Yes, it’s my first stop for material. Love that store. I also bought a fleece baby blanket for extra warmth. I did look online for a pattern, but it seemed rather complicated. So, I just winged it. I didn’t sew the fleece lining in. Turned out to be a great idea as it snowed for the parade and it made it easier to dry out afterwards.

Petticoat – I made this originally for my Ice Queen costume, but I’ve used it for my Ren Fair Maiden and pioneer dress.

Coat – the wool coat I found at Value Village and have been using it as my late fall/early winter coat.

Shawl – It’s the same one that I used for the Ren Fair outfit. It was my grandmother’s.

This costume is part of my Christmas Costume Lookbook video


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