Anne Cunningham

Silent Hill: Downpour



Anne has been a dream of mine to make since I first played Downpour. To be honest, after I beat the game once I wasn't a fan...but the more I ruminated on it, and mulled it over, the more I realized I really had enjoyed it and loved it. That was quite a weird feeling, but a great realization. Downpour is one of my favorites now, the story is so heartbreaking and I really love the auxiliary characters in the story. If I was a dude, I would so cosplay J.P...

Anywho, this costume was made entirely by me. The jacket/shirt/pouches were hand done. The pants were bought, cut apart and reassembled. The shoes and patches are the only things I didn't make. The wig is my old Mary wig, and was actually quite a nightmare to style. It was one of those "oh gee I'll save money by recycling this wig! I just have to cut and style it." lolnope. But in the end it worked out thankfully. It held up pretty well but the ponytail styling did start to fail by the end of the shoot.

I styled my Murphy's wig, and colored the buttons on his shirt. All props (except my gun, the crowbar and hatchet) were made by me.

All pictures by my boyfriend.


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Series Silent Hill: Downpour
Character Anne Cunningham


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