Warriors Orochi



I simply love the Koei characters *_* There are so many i want to cosplay. Due to some lack of time and money, i asked lovely Naomi (I_Am_Rogue) to borrow one of her cosplays to wear on Japan Expo Paris. She offered me Sanzang, which was one of the Koei chars that has been on my cosplay list for years. This cosplay was originally created by the marvelous Lisu-chan.

I took the liberty to change a few TINY TINY TINY(!!!!!!!!!!) things with the permission of Naomi.

I wish i could have done the full cosplay myself. I think i would have done a few things different and add a bit more detail here and there. But i'm still very much in love with this cosplay.

Worn on:
Japan Expo Paris 2011 (Belgium) - Thursday and Sunday

Have fun ~~


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Series Warriors Orochi
Character Sanzang


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