Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth



Materials: Stretch satin, spandex, lining, 2 feather boas, cardboard, craft foam, sunglasses.

Cost: 53.95

Estimated Time: 35 hours.

Whoever says simple dresses are easy should be smacked. “Simple” dresses are much more difficult to construct, fit, tailor, and sew because they are more likely to get picked apart then the grand, opulent gowns and mechas.

Pattern is an altered Chinese Dress. Backless, high side slits, and modified top. To keep a close fit, the back was covered with nude spandex.

The piping was roughly a half a yard of material. It was cut and pressed like bias tape for some stretch.

Buttons also made by hand using the same fabric as the piping.

Gloves are the same material as the dress with hand piping along the top. However, these will probably be remade as the heart shape fell apart during sewing and used nude spandex to maintain the look.

Shoes are covers over flats using the satin material of the dress and the the pink piping on the dress. These were cut into multiple flower shapes along the bias to reduce fraying.

Lang Zi scroll prop was made of a paper towel roll, construction paper, and craft foam. The Chinese characters relate to phrases that Agent Lang says in the game.

The 2 Yatagarasu cards are made out of card stock and painted.

Most nerve-racking part of the project was the wig. It took a little over 3 hours to cut and style. It started out as a 14 inch long wig on all sides and grew shorter with each snip. Lots of patience, and a lot of wig fibers thrown out.


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