Sophie Hatter (v2.0)

Howl's Moving Castle



Wig - The original wig I had for it I kinda of butchered beyond repair, but I was grateful for friends who had a suitable replacement so I could still wear it to the con. :3

Dress - Made from broadcloth and the same pattern that I had used for the previous version of this costume. This time I didn't mess up up like I had before. Hooray!

Apron - I've made like....5 of these aprons, 4 of them being for the first version of this costume. I can make the things in my sleep now. XD

Shoes - I seached high and low for some boots that would be similar to hers. Ended up finding an auction for a pair of Prima Royale boots that I ended up snagging for pretty cheap. :D

Future Fix-ups - New wig, shortening the sleeves a bit, making properish undergarments for this costume.

Bonus Note - I made the shirt and accessories for the Howl in these photos. :3 IT's my awesome friend Ochika!


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Series Howl's Moving Castle
Character Sophie Hatter (v2.0)


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