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"Just a little faith, trust, and pixie dust."

Tinkerbell was super fun for me. I really enjoyed having a much lighter costume to fiddle around in and play with. Rapunzel was just so heavy, I could only do so much, but as Tink, I got to crawl around in bushes and up into trees. It was really fun and a huge relief from that weighted wig! And I am happy to say, my eye color didn't have to be edited in this photoshoot, either. I've gotten so many questions as to if my eye color is really as green as they are in Rapunzel's photoshoot. Sadly, no. I have blue-green eyes but they're no where near that green -- that was just an edit for the "Rapunzel effect."

But anyways, months due past what I was wanting, here's Tinkerbell. Overall, I'm very happy and proud with how she turned out. Everything was customized to my happiness by yours truly. Some little details didn't show up very well in the photography, but the dress was sealed in golden glitter for the "pixie dust," as well as my pantyhose. I also added golden and green rhinestones to some of the leaf's "specks." You may be able to see some of the rhinestones I added to the wings to look like Disney World's park wigs, and the ribbon in the hair I picked out is golden but with little branches crawling about it to look like tree and leaf branches with golden bursts to look like pixie dust. The shoes I made from a pair of ruffled, tan colored flats I found on sale at a shoe store. I tore out the ruffles, sanded it, and painted it with green glitter.

Tinkerbell has always been a super cute character to me. She's never been a favorite, but after this journey, I have to say, she's held definitely deeper in my heart. She was such a fun character to get into, with her sass and attitude and this has made her very precious to me now. I love this little pixie, and can't wait to install some of her friends -- Vidia is my favorite! -- and even her forever friend: Peter Pan.

Hope you like it! Fly with you later!

P.S. Also, before anyone asks, yes, I understand there is some odd chest blurring in some of the photos. This was not to edit my skin or anything like that, it was to blur out my cleavage. I wanted to stay true to the character and not give Tinkerbell too much cleavage and this dress is heavily corseted, so it was hard not to avoid the cleavage. Oopsie-daisy! I also want to address the fact that no, I do not have a cosplay page on Facebook. I've been asked for it and I sadly don't have one. I don't feel like I have enough cosplays under my belt to have one quite yet, but if I do, I will certainly post it. Until then, this is my only page that I post my cosplays, other than my personal Facebook, Instagram, and WorldofCosplay. All other accounts will be under the name of DaniPeddington, or Dani Peddington -- no matter what. If you see anyone using my photos without crediting me, please let me know! I'm flattered, but every cosplayer likes their credit. Hugs and kisses!


Model: Dani Peddington. (Me)
Instagram: DaniPeddington
Photography: Cadie's Reflections Photography
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