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A couple years ago I was asked by Ichigo Kitty if I wanted to join in on an idolmaster group. When she showed me what the outfit was like, and what character she'd like me to cosplay, I agreed. I will admit I don't know much about idolmaster, and I'm not HUGE into Japanese idol culture, but when I saw how cute it was, I had to agree! Thanks to her introducing idolmaster to me, I am slowly getting into it. Unfortunately since I no longer live on the east coast, I don't know when I'll be able to join the rest of the cosplay group.

I based my wig off of the anime's color instead of the game because I thought that the lighter, more yellow-ish blonde would look better with my skin tone. The bodice top was patterned out by IchigoKitty and I altered it/fit it to my body. It is fully lined and also has boning as well as a middle layer of cotton to help retain it's shape.

All the materials used were picked out by her as well so that we all matched. I sewed everything according to the group specifications. I really love how the chiffon on top of the sparkle satin looks for the skirt, it sparkles like in the game! I also used horse hair to give the skirt that wavy look!

The cute, sparkly resin stars were made by IchigoKitty~


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