Captain America




My friend (Iron Man) got a group of us all hooked on the idea of doing a Steampunk Avengers group. Over time, a few people were added. Eventually, we had the whole group! Everyone worked hard on their costumes and we had a blast! We'd love to take on the Steampunk Justice League group we keep hearing about, and we'd love a chance to cosplay again with some improvements.

I was working on this at the same time as Rapunzel, so I short-cutted quite a bit. I went for an aviator inspired steampunk getup. The spats were ridiculously difficult for some reason. I wish I had the money to get or make a bigger shield, but with the help of my sister littlecrater (SP Loki), my $10 mini shield looks awesome! I was originally going for a male design, but ended up kind of androgenous. Meh. Lol!

Now worn: Comikaze 2013


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Series Avengers
Character Captain America
Variant Steampunk


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