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After very long thinking I have decided that I couldn't resist Chi-Chi's cuteness and that she would be a great practice to make for me, because I plan on more armored characters in the future!

All the old work in progress of this costume has been moved to:


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Series Dragon Ball
Character Chi-Chi
Variant Child Version


Maakie @ MikoBura That would be nice! :D I only have no clue at what time I will be free because I'm entering the compo! D: I guess I'll have some time inbetween the pre-judging and before i have to go on stage? But then I will probably only know that 1-2 weeks before the con!

MikoBura Perhaps I can wear Saiyaman again on Sunday just so I can take a pic with you :D

Maakie @ MikoBura Awww, thank you! :D I'm also really looking forward to this costume! So much bright colors, it's been a long time since I did a costume like this, haha! I'm looking forward to your Great Saiyaman! It will probably be very cute! :D

MikoBura Hnnnggg ChiChi!! Can't wait to see you finish this!! <3

Maakie @ LiebeSelbstmord For some reason won't let me quote you, so I hope you're seeing this! I'm in no way a pro with (foam) armor, so I'm not sure if I'm the best to give advice. :') I alternately use 4 types of foam: 1. Thick EVA foam (going to use for knife on her helmet). I buy these from a local store that sells this as "safe play mats" for baby's. :P 2. Medium EVA foam (used for her helmet). These I have bought here from eBay: 3. Thin EVA foam (all the green armor). These are sleeping mats that I have bought from a local outdoor store and I cut up to use. :P 4. Craft foam (will maybe use that on some smaller details). The simpelest and cheapest type of foam, that you can find in all type of craft stores (the kind children play with :P). I hope that helps! ^^

CharmingDevil This may be a noob question but what material are you using for the armor pieces and where do you buy it? I haven't made any cosplays with armor yet but I'd eventually love to! I just don't know where to start. Any tips?