Bertholdt Fubar

Attack on Titan



Progress images available on my instagram (@schmemy) and facebook page (Schmemy Cosplay)

HARNESS: This was made over the course of three work-heavy weeks with my good friend who knows how to use leather. The harness is made from one side of undyed leather. We cut the side into 1" strips, dyed them the correct dark brown, and fitted all of them to me as well as we possibly could. All the leather, buckles, dye, sealant, snaps, thread, studs, and grommets came from Tandy Leather.

JACKET: This jacket is made from tobacco colored twill and six heavy duty snaps. I used Marchen Maiden's Storenvy PDF pattern and it worked perfectly! The patches were purchased from storenvy as well. They have been ironed as well as topstitched to make sure they don't fall off.

SHIRT: The shirt is just a basic linen shirt. I left it sleeveless because 1. this costume is hot as hell and I didn't need any extra warmth, and 2. the jacket sleeves are a little tight and they didn't need another layer under there. The hems on this shirt are finished with single fold bias tape. There is an invisible zipper on the left side, rather than down the back.

HIP WRAP: This guy gave me so much trouble. I'm not even sure how I got it to work. The outer layer is brown linen, and the inner layer is a matching brown jersey. There is velcro sewn in for security, and darts sewn into the hip area for a better fit.

PANTS: Bought at Gap. Perfect color (they're a very very light grey/beige), and not at all baggy, which is something I was very picky about when pants-shopping.

BOOTS: Bought on Amazon. The style is Tammy 79 if you're interested. I got them in black, and spray painted them brown with Rustoleum Universal. I highly recommend this paint for pleather. Use several thin coats, and dab at it with a paper towel to keep it from getting too even. I have had no cracking or peeling whatsoever. However, I would like to purchase new boots at a later date, because these are a little too tall.

WIG: A Derek from Arda in Natural Black. Trimmed up and blow-dryer styled, nothing fancy.


After wearing this to Anime Expo for the entire Saturday, I decided that some parts need fixing or to be made altogether!:

NEW BOOTS: New boots have arrived, but they are still too baggy around my calves for my liking. However, the soles, height, and color are way more accurate. Going to see about taking them to a cobbler and getting them fitted to my skinny chicken legs.

CLOAK: In the process of making this now. I ordered another patch from Recon Depot (storenvy) that matches the ones on my jacket. I'm using a herringbone patterned green flannel and dyeing it to be more accurate. I like the flannel because it drapes the way it should, while still having texture. EDIT: The cloak is practically done! All the seams are finished with bias tape, and I love how it turned out. Just waiting on the patch to be delivered and it'll be con ready.

HARNESS: I've now fixed a few things on the harness, including remaking the back latch, adding another hole to the thigh belts, and trimming the thigh belts shorter. I'd also like to add more fishing line loops to where the thigh belts rest on the pants, to keep them from sliding around.

HIP WRAP: This has been dyed darker, to better match the anime.

JACKET: Fixed the bubbling in the shoulder seams via easing.

PROPS: Two 3D printed blade and handle replicas from an extremely talented Etsy seller. They cost quite a bit, but I don't want to cut corners after getting this far!


The last change I'm making to this costume (as far as I know) is another pair of boots. I can't believe I had to buy three pairs before I found one that I liked, but these are exactly what I've been looking for for a long time.

(NEW) NEW BOOTS: Cole Haan's Parson Equestrian boot in Chestnut. Waterproof leather with a rubber sole very similar to the style seen in the anime.


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Frozen Angel I love your Bertholdt cosplay! Amazing work :O

Moosey_Fate13 FFFF, what a cute Bertholdt! Everything looks really good~ ;u;