Attack on Titan



Budget Cost: 38$
Upholstery vinyl: 1 yard- 5$
Duck canvas: 1 yard-5$
sew classics cotton: 5$
belt buckles: 9$
foam-board: pack of 3 for 6$ (w/ coupon)
Snaps: 4$

(Duck canvas)
I made the pattern myself.

The inside is lined and reinforced with interfacing, to hold the shape of the collar and Lapels.

I used a napkin square as a pattern for the pockets. The hems are pressed and attached to the jacket with heat n' bond.

The patches are upholstery leather. I used a stencil of the survey corps:


The patch was traced with waterproof pen (the vinyl was painted with gray first.)

(knit cotton)

Already owned....they are Levi jeans...har har har.

(stretch knit)
Remade my skirt. It comes together on both sides with velcro. The skirt is sewn to the inside.

Bought at Goodwill.

(upholstery vinyl)

Started out by drawing 2 inch sized panels (using a yard stick helps a lot) I went back over after with a smaller ruler (1 inch in width) in my 2 inch sized panels. I drew my panels 2 inches so it would give me a lot of room for hemming. Take note that ironing along the hem guide lines (make sure you iron on the reverse side) will help in sewing the hems. I recommend using a leather footer (needle foot) for these.

The only portion I modified were the legs pieces. They are not functional and are pre-sewn together to look Y shaped at the knees. I hand sewed the thigh belts to my pants, so they wouldn't slip down constantly.

I got the belt buckles from Tandy Leather.

I plan to buy a new one.


I followed this tutorial:


Some things were done differently, mostly being the materials.

The swords are being redone:

*I used L200 foam mats for the outer portions of the gear. The insides are reinforced with foam boards, which were sealed modge podge and spray paint sealer.

~ I took some creative liberties with the look of the gear as well. I thought it would be cool to make the metal look oxidized and rusty. I sprayed the gear with a coat of bronze spray paint. I went over the coat with wood glue and silver acrylic paint. The paint was sanded off in places.

*I used Coors Light cans for the tops of the gas cans. I took some creative liberties with the holders and used bolts to hold them down.
My dad had some extra pressure nozzles that I used for the cans, so I snatched those up. The PVC pipe was also lying around.

* The back gear is attached to a heavy duty cow hide belt, with nuts and bolts. I used cassette tape cases for the boxes and made the gripper things with L200 foam and textured with clay tools.

*for the metal accents, I used thin sheets of vinyl place mats. I used the same material for the fan blades as well.

Difficulty: 5/5


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