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Sailor V~!

My first real successful costume I ever made and officially completed. I enjoyed wearing this soooo much <3

I decided to make Sailor V for KamiCon Season 6 because it was the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon! I was sooo excited and Sailor Moon has been one of my most favorite childhood animes!

Everything was made completely from scratch.

The materials I used were nylon, cotton, iron backing (for the bow), cardboard (for the shape of the glasses and gem for the bow). I also used Velcro to attach the bow and the glasses to my side. I wanted to make a bag to go with my outfit because I carry a lot of stuff and I was prepared to buy some collectibles haha! So why not an Artemis cat bag? Made it with felt, an invisible zipper, and cardboard for the crescent moon.

The gloves were a challenge! This was my first time ever making gloves and I made them out of nylon material, I basically used my own hand as a stencil and traced it out and made adjustments, which worked quite nicely.

The skirt and shirt... The shirt was a pain! I made my own patterns for it, but I made a tutorial for it: :thumb432990448:

For the skirt, I did not use ribbon for the trim, I used red cotton material to line it.

The only thing I did not make for this cosplay was the shoes. So I bought a cheap pair of high heels I could wear easily without breaking my neck at Wal-Mart XD

But overall, this costume was enjoyable and attracted a LOT of attention, I was very surprised how many people recognized who I was and wanted pictures with me, it was such an amazing experience, definitely beat my first experience at KamiCon and I can't wait 'till next year.


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