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FFXHD made me reallylylylyl want to remake Rikku. Didn't do her justice originally, so I'd been wanting to remake.

How it was made!!:

Wig: Light blonde wig, dyed with a mix of orange+sunny yellow+ red-orange eyes. Both regular dye and poly dye. Styled into ponytail, trimmed, etc. Barrettes are super old stuff I've had, painted with acrylics.
Goggles: Old Cid goggles haha Dyed elastic red, fitted it, added studs made from push pins, attached everything to square rings.
Pearl necklace: Made from yellow and pink glass beads. I wanted orange but no stores around me had it so I went with yellow, since a ton of her figures+some art have yellow beads. Strung on fishing wire lolll
Top: Made from vinyl. Fit isn't where I want it to be but eh I don't think I can do much better XD Top stitching on seams+ darts. Sides are black elastic...so the whole top stretches to get it on. It works but it's kind of annoying to get off XDD Buckles are on each strap (so 6 total). Top of straps are made from foam+plastic spray painted silver.
Armbands: green cotton with black elastic straps+ buckles. black elbow band is made from black stretch twill
Gloves: Black spandex with painted design, elastic wristband and thumbtack details. Brown cotton lined with batting for the other glove. Elastic armband for the top of it. Straps are vinyl.
Tails: Tails are made from foam and plastic cut with an xacto. Button covers for the bottom bump on the ""anchors"". Spray painted silver. Tails made from blue cotton with white cotton bias. Flower designs painted and center hole is a grommet for extra fun hahah
Belt: Orange vinyl with painted yellow vinyl overlay. Button covers for her silver circle things. Other silver things are thumbtacks.
Shorts: Made from green cotton with hand dyed, self made bias for the watermelon stripes lool Gradient dyed ribbon gathered into ruffles for the trim. Invisible zip in back.
Thigh holster: I got lazy and rarely wore this lololo black elastic for horizontal pieces. Black vinyl for the vertical. Thigh bag made from an altered old purse. Added silver painted plastic for the bag details. Silver thumbtacks for the lil circle things.
Boots: Old rainboots painted with plastidip. Added vinyl for the shoe part and top. Green cotton for all those green parts lololl Painted a chain for the side details and added painted feathers. Lots of thumbtacks for silver details and lots of buckles -_-
Godhand made by my dad with slight repairs by me. Targe also made by my dad.

Still have things to fix and remake before I'm mega happy with it, but certainly an improvement!


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