Josuke Higashikata

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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I've already mentioned that Josuke is my favorite JoJo and character from JJBA in general and of course I would love to do as many of his cosplays as possible. But unfortunatelly Araki-sensei hasn't given this bizarre hooligan a lot of costumes except some school uniform variations. Nonetheless, I really like this one (from the cover of 42 volume) with red sweater, it's so cozy and wintery.

It wasn't very difficult to make this costume variant cause I'd already had main costume. I found a suitable red sweater and brown gloves but all other details were made or at least redesigned by hand. I sewed a black turtleneck, some straps for the gloves and covered belts with brown fake leather. And thanks to my dear Kaiten who helped me with props on the belts!

I wore this costume at Animania festival after performing in Josuke main one and a couple of days later Kaiten and I made New Year's photoshoot with Josuke and Rohan together. I think that our costumes with red details really match each other.


@Camui Tooru
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Series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Character Josuke Higashikata
Variant Manga cover vol. 42


Camui Tooru gypsy_girl, thank you vey much! This wig making really demanded a lot of energy and efforts.

gypsy_girl Wow, that is an amazing job on the wig.