Quorra-Tron Legacy ILLUMINATED

Tron Legacy



This is my 2nd Quorra Tron Legacy build. Now illuminated with White El Wire which was diffused with a shower curtain to get that strip full line glow effect as seen in the upcoming movie.

I am debuted this at the premiere December 17th Universal City Walk Hollywood, CA @7pm IMAX 3D


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Series Tron Legacy
Character Quorra-Tron Legacy ILLUMINATED


Annissë I used super glue to adhere the reflective tape to my 1st suit.

AimeJay Hello Annissë! I absolutely love this costume! I had a question though, when you first used reflective tape, what brand did you use? The one I bought for a costume I am making doesn't seem to want to stick :(

2.0 This is very inspiring, Annisse!

Myrionette AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^____^ I worship this costume!!!!! What materials did you use for the base outfit and the armour? How did you screen print the hex pattern? O__O?

Narnian Amazing cosplay!!!

Hyperfiction You have done the original justice, if not surpassed it. This is truly amazing. I've been watching Cosplay.com for several years now and this is the first costume I've ever been compelled to comment on, as it is absolutely stunning. It must be cool waking up in the morning and being you. Enjoy it. (Any chance you'd wear this to Sakura-Con in Seattle?)

slimyfrogz Wow! I can't wait to try and make my own Quorra costume, but I don't think it'll look nearly as amazing as yours, or sit as nicely on my body, haha! Really amazing work :)!

BlueEyedBakura Brilliant costume! You look exactly like her too! :3

LaviO Super cool! Are you interested in selling it by any chance?

Indy Tarquinson Incredible, incredible work! You look just like her. :D I hope you post a tutorial. :3 I was wondering though, how long do your batteries last? I want to know what I'm getting into when I start making my Tron costumes...TT^TT

Ammie This is just incredibly epic *_* You are such a beautiful Quorra, and your costume is all kinds of perfect, this is just stunning!!!! I'm still figuring out how to do one of these fancy costumes myself ^ ^

Annissë It is kind hard to explain on here how exactly I did my El Wire diffusing work. It was actually 1st perfected by one of the RPF members and I changed a few of his materials he used with my own like I used Latex and shower curtain for my build. Please check the RPF and find the main Tron costume planning thread and there is about 80 pages of all our costume build and disc mod goodness on there. Yes, all our discs are the SpinMaster toys you can purchase but we mod'd them for the lights to stay on permanently and not flash. Also some members like myself added more LEDs to the disc and also Soulenteria had cast different color rings like for Rinzler, Clu, Sam, Quorra. Pretty neat! Go check it out! I plan on making a Quorra build tutorial myself :)

WstAnimeBrigade This is way cool! It's so cool you were able to do this.

zenkid How did you do your identity disc?

T3acup How were you able to separate the El Wire? Or does each individual El Wire section have an energy pack?

Annissë Hmmm hard to get off... Well it's regular latex sheeting I used. Totally unmolded but had to get it as close as I could so I could have that form fitting armor like the movie version did. Once I did that, yes it is pretty tedious getting my suit on and off me. I need someone to help every time I put it on. It is not easy.

AndreTheGiant DX I need to learn how to use that El stuff ....but is the latex u used the kind thats hard to get off??? I've done only body paint....

uplaw Wow that looks great! That hexagon material looks perfect C:

Annissë Yes believe it or not, I may be taking out my light strip work and either using EL Tape or El Sheeting or both. Light Tape is very expensive.

awagoner1 totally understandable!! im thinking of creating a more involved costume myself, but for halloween 2011. i looking at lighttape for it instead of el wire though.