Cammy White

Street Fighter



This was made for a Street Fighter group at Dragon*Con 2010 (with Gamina as Chun Li and Mirromaru as Sakura.)

At first I tried making the classic Delta Red version (green sleeveless thong leotard), but it just didn't feel right. I realized the Shadaloo version would probably look more flattering, and I liked the design and color better anyway.

The construction is a bit tricky, with all those extra seams, but I think it was worth the effort. I used a slightly stretchy cotton fabric and dyed it myself because I couldn't find the right color anywhere, and I definitely wanted to use a sturdier fabric than spandex. The leotard is based on a boned corsage lining, the same method I used for my Ivy costume.

The armor was my first big Wonderflex project, and I love it!

I wasn't happy with the wig the first time I wore it, so for Leipzig Book Fair (March 2011), I revamped it with a lace front and re-braided it.

We received a lot of attention for our Street Fighter costumes, including lots of comments about Cammy's ass *lol* I think we made a great team, it's been so much fun cosplaying with Gamina and doing kickass photoshoots :) So we'll definitely make more Cammy & Chun Li outfits in the future!

Cost: EUR 160 / ~ US$ 205


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Series Street Fighter
Character Cammy White
Variant Shadaloo


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