Kaito Kid

Detective Conan



I FINALLY DID IT. I made a Kaitou Kid costume. &gt;_< This is the beginning of the end; I think Detective Conan is slowly taking over my life. Next thing you know, I'll be cosplaying Akai Shuuichi... Anybody have a knit cap?

The white top hat was made by the incomparable Elemental (not only is she one of the best cosplay photographers out there, but she makes awesome hats!). I made the monocle, cape and rosettes, and everything else was modified from Goodwill finds. Pretty easy found-object costume, overall.

I really enjoyed having the white dove and the card gun; now all I need is a Conan to terrorize, and my cosplay will be complete!


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Series Detective Conan
Character Kaito Kid


gaming_goddess This is such an amazing Kaitou Kid! Really love the photos :) Excellent cosplay :)

crazywuzhere Wah! I love this!!! I loved how Gosho Aoyama added Kaito Kid into Detective Conan. And they look so similar, too. Same goes for the female characters. GOod Job!!!

_Kumi-chan_ Fabulous! Beautifully pristine costume, particularly the hat and monocle.

-Yamane- Great Kid cosplay *___* and with dove lol

BlindOtakuChan Hey, Kaito...guess what??? FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P