Princess Azula

Avatar: The Last Airbender



This costume was so stressfull to make. I made it in about a week and a half so that I could be in an Avatar shoot with my friends! I had just started school at The Illinois Institute of Art for Fashion design so all of the new supplies that I got helped me greatly when making the collar and armor. This is one of my favorite costumes, although I need to get/make a better wig. I did have gold contacts that I was sooo excited about, but the ended up not fitting my eye right so I couldn't wear them.

Update: A SHOWCASE?!!! Thank you so much!


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Princess Azula


deshwitat EPIC XD, just so damn epic

jadelily any tips on how to get the bun on top of the head? and making sure that its not poofy on the sides?

yamibakura... WHOA!!!! YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB OF AZULA!!!! I would know....she's my fave....*blush*

Kamimura woooooooooah amazing your azula is great good job *g* and big love

~WhiteMage~ Wow. This costume is amazing. You were at Acen too? Were you the Azula I met there?

Japanimemusic Definitely the best Azula I've seen. You definitely earned the showcase! Congrats!

TasuhKittyCnays Great Job, So glad this got showcased, it's quite amazing. :3

Mallory Showcase what?!!!! Omg I just found out!!!! Been at ACEN all weekend no internet. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thevina congrats on the showcase!!!

Gothix-chan Best.Azula.EVAR

samtoenail YES! I was waiting for this to be showcased. Great work!

Kiandra AMAZING. I like Azula, love avatar, and yours is epic amazing!!! COngrats on the showcase!

DisneyOtaku11 You make an amazing Azula!

Negalmuur Fantastic. You did lots of justice in portraying Azula. :)

Shahrazad Oh I think I saw you at Kollision Con am I right? And Elemental did the photography correct? Well in any case, beautiful Azula- you got her down just perfectly! Love the wig, though you said you want to find another one, I think the one you have is pretty damn good!