Enira the Banshee Queen

Lineage II


Here's my EuroCosplay costume, took a long time to make, was a pain to wear... But I still loved working on that and it needs some improvements =)

My reference pic was the official artwork and not especially the game screenshots, as the details on the 2 are sometimes different. And it was easier to work with a precise artwork ;p

The - point of the costume was in fact the black satin fabric: I noticed it was a bit strech when I started sewing the corset... So it made some little flaws on some of the front stiches ;'( but it's nearly invisible if the corset is correctly laced.
Also, the wings are not great: as I needed to transport them to London, I decided to make them in 4 parts, so I could built them once arrived. Thus it was not as clean as I'd have wished ;-) but those things will be corrected for the next time I swear &gt;___<

EDIT: many many thanks for the costume showcase, that's a great honour!!

Firstly, I am very surprised to receive so many kind and nice comments, I am certainly not the best cosplayer ever and I am still learning new techniques everyday, but I try my best and I want to thank everyone for believing in me and appreciating my improvements.

So to start with the costume:

* For those who would like to make the costume and to find more information about the character, Enira is the raid monster from Lineage II Gracia, The Chaotic Throne, the 2nd Throne (Gracia Finale) and my costume is based on the 2nd Throne finale official artwork rather than on the game (honestly, some details are very different in the game version, and I always liked the artwork better, so my choice was quickly made)

* For the fabric parts, I used a classic 8 parts corset pattern for the corset part (yes, it's not "historical", a simple corset pattern does the job =D). The only thing that I changed on it was that I softly curved the breast line, and I made it shorter than the one represented on the original pattern, because I have a long torso but quite short legs (weirdo insiiide), thus cutting a bit of the corset made me look moke proportionate ;-)
Then the job was just to reproduce the same patterns on thick cotton (to make the corset rigid, that's what I used, I didn't use any of the usual "toile a corset" on this one), and on cotton lining (thus you don't sweat like a beast when the corset is on your skin XD). Satin + thick cotton were sewed together with double straight stiches (necessary when the fabric is going to be streched on your body), then the junction was cut (cranté in french) so I could iron it and make it flat + rooms for the bones made before putting the lining. Then the lining was put together and sewed. Then for the eyelets, there is no specific reinforcement fabric inside, they were just placed by hand through the 3 layers of fabric (and it hurrrtttt). The turquoise, black and golden decoration were addes afterwards, I bought 2m of golden guipure (but had too much XD) and one of my friends gave me some black dentelle. The breasts are sequin embroidered (to flash the public bawwww) - it made a visual effect: my boobs seemed bigger *win* -
There are 4 ancient glass buttons on the center of the corset (and not ugly plastic ones as you see today T__T), and Swarovski crystals on the side of the corset

* For the skirt, the pattern used was a wedding dress pattern, but I had to add a part on the front, because with the petticoat, the skirt was a bit too small. I made a small train, I didn't want something too long that could have bothered people or on which people would have walked.
Apart from that, the skirt was quite simple to make, really =) it was closed on the back by a zipper and 3 hooks. There was a little fabric and viseline belt to maintain the skirt together.
The turquoise decoration have been made in taffetas, just folded taffetas to make them a bit more rigid... The decoration on them was just foam as I was running out of time... The back of those taffetas bits was decorated with golden ribbons that belonged to... The village's Church XD they were so so kind to let me use part of the golden embroideries that they use on priest outfits.

* The sleeves: it was a self made pattern, I just used 3 layers of tulle + foam to make the upper sleeves stay straight amd round. They are the least well made parts of the costume so far, I kind of rushed for them and they will be re-made for the next con =)

* The Spiderweb was made out of foam covered with leather + foam and latex golden decorations. Neoprene glue is your friennndddd!!!!

* The bones were made out of sculpted "mousse expansée" (expansed foam? huh?) + cellulose powder. I had a lot of questions asking why the bones were not totally smoothed. And the simple answer is because I smoothed them just as I wishes and then decided to keep a bit of roughness in them, so they would have this broken old bone effect (I took example on old bones pics, check for old bones in google, you'll see what I mean. And then you'll have a weird historic on your computer haha). Plus it was also a tactical choice, as if the bones had been totally smoothed, they would not have had this shadow effect on them, as when the colours that I used goes into the irregularities, it helps giving a visual effect. Well I like the brossage technique a bit better when everything is not super smooth, gives a bit of rustic effect to the piece I think. But I guess it's a matter of opinion, of what effect you want to give to your bones, and of how you like to work =)

* The headpiece was probably the most difficult thing on the costume... The wig was made with a double net to make it deeper and higher, and I put isolation foam inside of the deep hole, and that is what is keeping the wig straight. Otherwise it would just be like one of those hats that are a bit hanging behind your head. Not a really sexy wig if you remove the mechanism. It stayed on my head by miracle... Well not really, but I had to have a whole mechanism to make it stay still. I sewed a chin belt inside of the wig, and the isolation foam had been curved at my skull's form, was sustained by 2 thick crossed elastics and was resting on my head.
For the small diadem, I actually went mad and started to draw it directly on the drawing on my computer screen. So I'd have the right size and the right shape heh XD it's made out of craft foam and was made plastic-like with the paint.
The hood then helped to maintain the whole thing @[email protected]

So here is how the costume was made, or at least as far as I can explain it without pictures XD. I took some WIP pics on several phones, I'll have to sort that out when I'll be back to Belgium, that will be easier to understand than by just a description, I notice that the headpiece description is really messy because it's hard to express what I did exactly without showing it XD and I can still take pics of the inside of the wig whenever someone will try to make the costume and will want to see what the inside exactly looks like (it looks like a mess I'll be honest XD) =)

For the rest of it, I really like how it turned out =)


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Series Lineage II
Character Enira the Banshee Queen


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