kristen89 as Sakura


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Cosplayer: kristen89
Debut Anime North 2012

I've been wanting to do Sakura Hime for a couple of years now and finally got around to finishing her for ANime North 2012

Materials: (total approx $50)
- Wig was bought off ebay, pre-styled, but then I cut it shorter, Friend helped cut the bangs $15
- Jewels: are plant jewels and clearance jewelery from Michael's $5
- Shoes: white flats bought at Wal-mart $10
- Fabric is a white broadcloth and came to about $9 for 3m at Fabricland (I went during a sale and got a student discount)
- Purple fabric is a polyester type and was a gift from a friend
-Gold Cord was about $6 for 3m
- Simplicity Pattern 3626 Genie costume for pants $4
- Elastic for the pants and skirt, thread and interfacing I already had

How I made it:
- Used Simplicity Pattern 3626 (Genie costume) for the pants (made them super poofy)

- Traced a panel from a flowy skirt I had and made my own pattern out of newspaper
(used 4 of the panels for the skirt and a half panel for the crotch flap)

- Used the Yoke from the pants pattern to make the purple belt on the skirt, added elastic to front for some stretch

- Sewed on gold cord to the skirt yoke

- Drew the rectangular design on newspaper and cut 2 from the purple fabric. Sewed right sides together and used a safety pin to feed the fabric through itself to avoid the ragged seam (pain in the butt!!). Crotch flap is just a cross shape I drew then sewed on the same way as the skirt design.

- Used an old shirt and traced around it for a general shape

- cosplay4ElPaso on youtube has a great tutorial to pattern and sew in sleeves

- Added on purple strips to the sleeves and shirt. The stripes were made by sewing long strips right sides together than popping it through with a safety pin in order to avoid the rough edge.

- The collar was made with 3 strips put together and connected to the purple on the chest. I sandwiched interfacing between two layers of the purple for the collar to have some strength to stand up. More gold cord was then added to the collar.

-The chest design is the cross from the crotch flap without one on the rectangles (more of a 'T' shape than 'cross'. Again cut two, sewed right sides together and pulled fabric through to avoid rough edges.

Memory feather:
- Made from 'pluffy' a white oven baked clay from Michael's ($5) and has lasted a while.
- I added a wire in the middle in order to add a shape and make it easier to hook to my finger
- Lastly, my friend helped draw the design and I painted and glossed