Cecil Harvey

Final Fantasy IV

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All of my armour is made of craft foam with the capes made of broadcloth and an old-weave fabric that my mother gave me that she'd had for about thirty years.

All beads are made of resin and were cast by me, along with all of the jewels on the armour.

Sword is made of hardwood while the sheath is made of leather and suede that I hand dyed to the correct colours (which was new for me as I'd never dyed suede and leather).

The spear is made of a single dowel that I carved grooves into and added paperclay for the additional shapes along. The decoration is made of cording.

This wig was easy as all I had to do was add some resin beads to it. Surprisingly easy, but it hated me for walking around the convention.


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@Fallen Sephiros
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