Yuko, Yûko, Yuuko Ichihara (russian version)

xxxHolic (manga 7 cover / artbook )



Loving clamp and especially loving the character Yuuko made my decision to make another outfit of her. <3

The high stiletto's were modified with fabric, wonderflex, pearls, red satin ribbon, stitching and fabric glue.

Her hat, knee band and choker where made from: red satin ribbon, cheap big gold painted metal (modified) buttons, green/blue painted big wooden pearls and marabou.

As for the dress: approx. 3m red light stretch cotton (left-over), approx. 4,5m green-blue taffeta, a huge part of my 10 yards black marabou and approx. half a meter light green shiny fabric (for the designs).
Based McCall's M5444 pattern (top part) and my previous experience of my earlier Yuuko dress.

Note: My first time working with Taffeta and it was enjoyable. My creation was based on the original drawing. During the try-out tests, some results were too harsh in my opinion. Therefore this got my personal interpretation. Other Swarovski red different shaped pearls, no black lines on the red satin ribbon nor black stitching. Like the medallions, the original stampings were kept as they were more Yuuko related in my eyes.

- Swarovski pearls were added
- A new wig was bought and styled
- The shoes were done
- The detail drawing on the dress were altered: a normal zigzag stitch was not satisfying therefore a "buttonhole" stitch was used for a neater result

Total time: 2-3 Months
Final cost: ~180 euro (due to the expensive red cotton + Swarovski pearls and wig)


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Series xxxHolic (manga 7 cover / artbook )
Character Yuko, Yûko, Yuuko Ichihara (russian version)
Variant Tsubasa Reservoir Cronicles


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