this is my first cosplay. the pants are underarmor. shoes sketchers. black v halter top was my subsitute top incase my other would not be ready in time which i got a kholes 4 years ago. the white undergarment was also a premaid peice. the arm wraps, leg warmers, scarf, and belt was all fabric that i got at JoAnn fabric and stappled and safety pinned together, i didnt sow them bc i was in college and supplies are limited. the wig was purchaced, i styled the wig myself with curlers and lots of hair spray and gel. the other black top with butterfly was part of a sweater that i took the rest of the sweater off, and then had my art friend paint on the butterlfy, i didnt trust myslef. i think it turned out good for a first time thing!


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Series Bleach
Character Yoruichi


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