Nyotalia Russia (Fem!Russia)

Hetalia: Axis Powers

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When I first learned about Nyotalia I was rather against the whole idea to be honest. But one day when I was /really/ bored, I began wonder who I would cosplay from Nyotalia just because. And Fem!Russia ended up being the one that my friends suggested I do, and I rather quickly fell in love with the idea.

I actually decided to do her even before I planned to do fem!Italy but she just happened to be finished second. But I have to say... I can't remember the last time I was this pleased with a cosplay or how I look in it.

I am truly in love with this cosplay and this character.

Although I originally wanted a girl that has shorter hair, in the end I'm actually ok with doing the one that has the longest. I also like this cosplay because it's more or less one piece of clothing. Just the big coat. Other than that it's all accessories really. So I was able to focus on just the one main piece and the other smaller pieces which made me really happy. I also decided to take the time to add a little detail to the buttoms and bow on the hat and such. Working straight from the official design, her outfit just seemed so plain, so I added a bit.

Nonetheless, it's still not perfect (as perfect as I would like it to be anyway). I am quite pleased with it but I need to find a better way to keep the buttons in place, figure out a better way to finish the bottom of the coat, possibly try to find some better mittens (I had originally bought black ones but they really made the costume look "cheaper" as my friend said), and that's more or less it I guess.

I actually bought white boots to do a custom paint job on for her, but I ran out of time. I'm not sure if I'll just stick with the brown ones or maybe end up painting the ones I bought to be the mauve color that's show in her official sketch. If not, maybe I'll keep them for a possible Iceland in the future. Who knows.

Anyway, I really am very happy with this cosplay. I really loved wearing it (though the wig was a bit of a hassle) and I can't wait to wear it again! Alas I didn't get to do a photoshoot with her but I do have some pics from the convention, so maybe I have one or two to post for now. And I really hope I get to do a real photoshoot with her later. I'm so incredibly happy with this costume, words can't even begin to describe. <3


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Character Nyotalia Russia (Fem!Russia)


PastelPika WOOOOW~! That's amazing! If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you tell me the pattern you used for the jacket? I'm having a hard time finding one >~<