Memento Mori


I fell in love with Calliste as soon as I saw a little leaflet annoucing the comic book. It is really my kind of design: corset, long skirt, skull, I was totally IN from the beginning :-)

No image from the back of the skirt had been released at the time, so I decided to shyly ask the author to know how she planned to make the rest of the costume... And she kindly sent me a leaflet with the full costume :o

So I will never thank her again for all of her support and indications in the making-off (for info, she is Rann on dA).

Material used:

* 3m of purple/blue wild silk for corset + sleeves + back bow and ankle decorations.
* Polyester lining (sleeves and corset)
* 5m of white duchess satin (skirt and underskirt).
* The drawing on the corset is hand embroidered with golden thread.
* 2m of mousseline (veil)

Basically, what gives the shape to the skirt is a simple handmade petticoat :-)

I am very happy with how the costume turned out, and so very happy the author and editor liked it *_* this costume will be one of y best memories because it allowed me to meet that fantastic artist!


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Series Memento Mori
Character Calliste


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