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alrighty then i believe an update is in order! :D when i first saw the figure in store i was like "i want to cosplay that" and so i did lol. the colours and design was so fresh and bright i was just drawn to it. then the cape swayed me even more kekekeke. this is another comfy cosplay that is fun to run around and jump in (as you will see in photos).

wig: black wig is the base from a pig tail wig that i bought from a friend. i then bought red hair clips to add to the base wig. i'm really pleased as to how this turned out.

the mask is made of foam that is painted and has vinyl backing to make it easier to spirit gum it.

i love my cape :) it's a black sateen with yellow lining. i wanted a light but full cape still so i chose fabrics that flowed and were light, especially when the cape ties around your neck. when taking a closer look at the design i found it wasn't a straight cut across the bottom but similar to swallow tails with points.

jumper was surprisingly easier to make than i thought despite all the different coloured panels it had. the greens are twill and the red is a stretchy fabric. i bought the bias tape and the piping and sewed in between panels like how they make pillow casing. i modified the jumper to have shorts instead of making them booty shorts. if i ever remake this outfit i want to use a more stretchy fabric (spandex or knit). the 'skirt' is the same red material with stiff interfacing lined with yellow....and more bias tape for details.

gloves were also easier to make than anticipated. used an old pair of garden gloves as a pattern then modified it so they extended up. the little spikes on the gloves are also made of pleather with no interfacing or foam to stiffen it. they held their shape well on their own. the sleeve part is just a tube for my arms..with more bias tape and appliqueing.

feet: leggings come up to the thighs. the yellow lines on the black vinyl are painted on with fabric paint. have to be careful with those as they will peel unfortunately. and at that point i think i ran out of yellow bias tape -_-''' tried something different for boot covers this time. glued velcro to the base of the boot then sewed velcro to the bottom of the boot cover, added a zipper then had a nice boot cover that can be removed easily and a boot i can reuse for other costumes :D the yellow on the black vinyl part of the boot covers is foam and the yellow diamond is made of model magic. the boot covers were actually one of the first things i finished for this costume. i was just eager to do the boots lol.

the all important belt is vinyl glued over yellow foam. i love how the 'R' turned out.

'bo' staff is just a wooden dowl painted green. as for the batarang did a little research in to the different batarangs used through out the ages and found that i liked the one from Tim Burton's Batman movies the most. It uses a tin foil base that is covered with sculpey. the little pointy part is a piece of an old margarine tub's surprisingly sharp for plastic XD

total time: 1 week
cost: ~$50


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