hmwsg x as Zaeed Massani

Zaeed Massani

Mass Effect

Rule 63/loyalty colors

Cosplayer: hmwsg x
Icon photo by Jayce Williams of photosnxs

This was quite a labor of love for my boyfriend and I! While he was working on his own Zaeed costume he came across some femZaeed fanart and decided he wanted to make me a matching costume. What a sweetheart.

His work took the longest, spanning over 3 months, while taking a break to work on a N7 commission. He works in EVA foam and is a madman on details. If you want to see WIP and videos on it please go here

My part was to sew the undersuit, which was so simple compared to his work. I finished the suits in under 2 weeks, but I will need to go back and improve the tattoo sleeves. I did a water test but not a sweat test so it did not survive the Atlanta humidity.