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Completed! This was intense.

So I started by ordering 3 lbs of fine corriedale wool to dye and lightly spin for the skirt. I dyed one pound black, but I ended up felting the poor thing. So instead of just spinning it, I had to tear the felted roving apart, re-card it, turn it back into roving, and then spin it. I was able to just spin the natural corriedale, as bleaching seemed to have no effect on the color, thus making it whiter was not an option.

After spinning and setting and letting dry the super bulky yarn, I cut it into lengths. Using some scrap tulle, I sewed the lengths into a massive weft. The weft was sewn directly to the bodice in two layers. Nearly 2 lbs of corriedale made it into the skirt.

The bodice has 4 layers and boning. The innermost layer is a basic lining, the first of the outer layers is a heavy woven cotton, the layer above that is Halloween style 'bloody gauze' decor fabric (I just looked for the least bloody of the pack), and the outermost layer is Halloween spider webbing, which likes to stick to EVERYTHING. I have to store this dress inside-out just to keep it from damaging itself too much, and even like this, the webbing sticks to the webbing and just.


Every straight black wig I found nearby was side part and no bangs, or center part and bangs, so I just got some human hair wefts and made the thing.

The bat pendant was made with sculpy, because it worked and I had sculpy.

One of the black bracelets was a brown leather bracelet that I painted black, glued fake pearls that I also painted black onto it, and then glitter-fied it in the most gloriously messy incident with glue ever.

The white beaded cuff is 16 gauge aluminum wire bent into a frame, with an assortment of clear, beige, and white seed beads strung on 20 gauge copper wire wrapped around the frame. It's a little wonky, but I love it.

The other bracelets were bought and the rings came from China and New York & Company. Earrings were also from China, but I replaced the ear hooks with surgical steel ear hooks because I didn't trust that they were lead or nickel free. I had the stockings already (Who doesn't own a pair?) and the shoes were from a shop down the street. *nodnod*


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MalteseLizzie It was really interesting to read about how you made this costume. Lots of hard work, but the result looks fantastic