My Snow and Mulan weren't able to finish their cosplays for AX, but I can't wait to get group photos with them!

The dress is all one piece with a zipper up one side almost everything is a finished hem so Im pretty proud of myself! I made all the purple bias/trims using 3 shades of purple I had. The striped wrist cuffs and leg cuffs had strips of pink ribbon sewn vertically before I attached them to the costume. The light purple center/hood trim was painted free-hand with glittery pink fabric paint. I followed the art designs for a bit then made things up as I went.

The front panel layers were all sewn down in one go, including the pink cord tie- it was a pain in the ass but it saved me time and thread. The lace trim around the collar was the last thing I did.

Im so happy with my boot covers! They're white spandex with extra purple bias from the dress on the bottom. There are 2 straps of elastic on the bottom to fit perfectly over my shoes

Up the front of the boot covers and down every visible seam on the dress I hand stitched black decorative stitches to mimic the artwork. Its not as noticeable as Id hoped but it's still there! The leg slits I made too high so I added black elastic X's on each side both to keep my dress from showing my secret shorts and to balance out the height a little haha.

the wig is originally a 5ft wig from ebay that I harvested several wefts from, sewed those wefts to wig clips and clipped to the bottom of my wig as a giant extension. Next time I wear this I'd like to have a longer, fuller wig.


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