Odin Sphere



I was afraid that I'd look like a fat duck in the in-game valkyrie version (with wings folded at the hips), so I picked this artwork/figure version with spread wings, which looks more elegant IMHO.

I'd been planning to make this costume years ago (for another one of Isadora's epic cosplay groups), so I had already styled the wig and done some minor prop work. I wasn't familiar with wonderflex at the time, however, so I'm glad other things got in the way and I couldn't start working on this project in earnest until the fall of 2011. I ended up taking until the spring of 2013, though, making this my first "post-thesis" costume! (After I'd been holed up writing all fall & winter.)

For the various armor parts, I used: craft foam - craft foam + polystyrene sheeting - craft foam + wonderflex - pure wonderflex (from top to bottom.) They're attached to each other (and my legs) with elastic straps, side release buckles, and magnets.

The wings have a wire-frame base, like all my wings & big feather props, and they sit comfortably on my butt with a belt around the hips (hidden by the skirt.) The wings may have been even more time-consuming than the armor, since I had to custom-color every single blue feather to achieve a gradient from black to aqua blue.

The top is a boned and laced corset. While the black skirt & sleeves are made of stretch pleather, I used real silk for the white parts - think: warrior princess :D Thank you to my bf you found this lovely fabric on a trip to L.A.!

I'm really happy with the overall look and silhouette of this costume - although I need a "handler" to move around the con *lol* It was super cold and windy at Animuc this year, so we didn't get a lot of photos. I'll make sure to wear this again for a private photoshoot.

Cost: EUR 425 (~ US$ 560)


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