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I love Frau wayyyyyyyyy too much. Always with the new versions of him! This version is based on Frau's younger self when he first comes to the church during the war. I sooooo adored his younger self. Just so cute and sad.

The costume was made completely by me. First I made the undershirt and bandages. After that, I finished the cloak and outfitted some pieces of clothing that I had in my closet to work for his pants and shoes. (Gah it was weird not wearing platforms for him, lol, he just is normally so tall!)

The wig and jewelery came from previous versions of Frau that I did and a few of my friends were kind enough to draw on the tattoo for me. I'm going to try to do more shoots as Frau soon, but for now, I hope you like it! ^_^


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Series 07 ghost
Character Frau
Variant Young Frau


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