Lightning Farron

Final Fantasy XIII



Currently working on my 13-2 :

*still to attach : middle belt to "corset like top "
arm armor to arm sleeves

still got to work on : leg pieces (detailing),gotta make shoes and the rest of the armor
hand gloves
the back area of the neck
trim down excess of the back plate
add more fabric to "feather" skirt
add gold pieces to roman skirt
tighten arm sleeves
realign pauldrons

not using actual feathers...trying to keep the spending at a minimum ,another dear user Liliana did her feathers out of paper,mine are out of very light curtain fabric :) so kudos to her for that idea <3 !


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Created 9 years ago
Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Lightning Farron
Variant XIII-2


fly_aguilera nice!!!

StHoly hey! I am very interested in making this costume! But I am a total beginner to start making props!!! Since I saw your "devianart" I really wanted to make one costume as such for myself! I hope I succeed in making it! May I know what your size is and how many craft foam did you get? did you get the white craft foam from : can i use it for my "chest" armor" or must i get the 2mm thick craft foam as well? and can I get these white turkey wings? What is mod podge? does this work?? sorry for all these questions (planning to PM you but can't find the "pm" button.. >.< Thanks!! :D

~Lightning~ Oh gosh!! I wish to make this costume too, but it's to early for me >< No lot money and not much photos and photos detailed. I like how you have made it, a little too big, but it's very difficult to make, I understand!