Sailor Jupiter

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



So. I have this friend, Chris. AKA Sailor Man. And he has the wonderful ability to rekindle everyone's secret urge to cosplay from Sailor Moon. Which I bet almost every girl (maybe boy?) has had the inkling to do. Sailor Moon being one of the first anime I watched, and Mako being my favorite character, I had to do it.

..Chris collects sailor senshi like pokemon.

Went with PGSM, because I dig that show, despite it being terribly cheesy. And I like their accessories. But! The bows and accessories swap out, and I MAGICALLY TRANSFORM INTO SUPER SAILOR JUPITER from the anime. Also, I can't take credit for this super awesome ponytail wig; that was a result of the supreme skills of Junior.


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Jupiter


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