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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

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Kalasnacks and I fell in love with Panty and Stocking as soon as we watched the first episode. Our love of crude humour and magical girls had finally been combined into potentially the funniest thing we'd ever seen!
I gravitated more toward Stocking and her love of sweets, where Kalasnacks related toward Panty and her vivacious behaviour. We get a lot of people telling us we got the body-types switched, but this is definitely an instance where we decided to go with which character fit us more personality-wise.

I made the skirt. The lace is just lace I've had laying around my sewing room forever.
The patches I made from wool felt and letter appliques. Larger letters weren't sold in red, so I bought white ones and colored them red. I hand stitched them both to the blazer and Kalasnacks' blouse.
The ties were an adventure! I figured I'd buy them, first, but I sure got a kick in the pants when I saw how expensive they were! $30 for one tie? I don't think so. I found myself back at Joann's looking for tie patterns and made them that very night.
The blazer was bought and altered, lace details were added to the cuffs, and the buttons replaced. The blouse I wore under it was modified from one I found that was much too big!
I love how cute Stocking's beret is in the show, and how it sorta just hangs off the side of her head as opposed to being worn like a functioning beret. I bought some interlock, used a CD as a circle template and cut it out. I stuffed it and attached it to a hair clip and bam!
Honeneko was a gift from Kalasnacks!
I really adore wearing this costume, it's so much fun!
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carladawn OMG you guys look amazing!

kalasnacks Love it lady! You're awesome! :D