koi-ishly as Hozuki


Otome Youkai Zakuro


Cosplayer: koi-ishly
I have to say for all the head aches that this costume gave me, I've never had so much fun in this costume. I want to gush about all the wonderful things that I encountered while in this costume. I was called a princess by a little boy for one!

Anyway, the wig... that's what everyone wants to know about. I put the progress pics up so you can see the process. First, this is my first wig... or wigs. I've NEVER done this before. Second, I had some cosplay gods smiling down at me while making this. Third, yes they are heavy (about 5 lbs) but I wore this all day on Saturday and only had it off for less than an hour from 12am to 10pm.

Fourth - To everyone who gave me compliments on this wig online or in person... Thank you so much. I honestly didn't think I'd get this reaction. Any questions you have about it you're more than welcome to ask, all I ask is that you ask it on this page or on the wig progress pages. That way questions that others may have can be answered.

With that out of the way, the costume is self is simple in design but caused way more trouble than I expected. Thank god for Sangochan241 cause I'm really a beginner sewer... and I couldn't even sew a kimono together. Well, to be honest my mind was else where... and it was on the wigs. I made both of them. Over 100 hours total for both wigs, that's not including the hours of research that I did to make sure that I could do this. For my first wigs, they are certainly a success but it wasn't looking like that for a very long time. There was a lot of theory in this design, because I never worked with wigs before I didn't know the materials quirks. I still don't know how to style a wig properly but give me a sculptural shape, weird materials and I'll have a go at it.

This is certainly something that I'm going to wear again. I definitely want to get out when the cherry blossoms bloom.

***A showcase!! Well, the first thing I did was call my partner Sangochan241 and squealed over the phone for a good two minutes. Made my night.

Thank you so much =)